"Bioresonance therapy has given me a quality of life which I thought I had lost. From joint pain to stomach problems, bioresonance has helped to harmonize and heal my body." - Nathan

"I broke my arm and Cindy treated me with Bioresonance therapy, and sometimes a combined reiki treatment. It alleviated the pain, and helped it heal. I had four treatments, and the surgeon was surprised that I wasn't in any pain with it. He told me that I healed so well, that I wouldn't need surgery. I would recommend Cindy for treatments, as its very safe and relaxing." - Linda

"Cindy treated me for a bad sunburn just before I was getting on a long haul flight. I am still in awe that I never had any pain or any peeling after the treatment. I would recommend Cindy to anyone, she's incredibly knowledgeable and she has such a gentle and warm personality" - Jessica Eriksson, England

"Bioresonance therapy helped me quit smoking. It cleared nicotine from my system and the desire to smoke decreased and stopped. Thank you Cindy for helping treat me for a healthier life." - Lee

"After all kinds of effort to regain my energy after over a year of fatigue, Cindy's treatments have been the only thing to help me to function again. Her intuition regarding how to proceed in treatment and her kind and gracious manner helped me to feel relaxed and secure knowing that my health and well being were her utmost priority. I am beyond grateful for her care and concern. Thanks to Cindy I feel like I am finally on the path of a healthy future!" - Selina Penner

Re: Vitality Treatment "I felt revitalized after a mentally and physically depleting work project and had more energy. Thanks Cindy." - Walter

"I met Cindy at the Mind, Body & Spirit Show and was intrigued by her machine. I had never heard of Bioresonance therapy. Included in the first session was - detoxifying the body, balancing the PH level, checking my energy level and minerals. The next several sessions included Reiki with Bioresonance. In a one month followup, it proved positive results as very little treatment was needed. Cindy is very thorough and caring. She has a gentle manner and the results of the sessions were awesome. I felt more energized and balanced and I would recommend to anyone to go see Cindy. It was a great experience. Thank you." - Mary Thiessen

"Bioresonance helped my 14 year old Pomeranian dog. He was constantly coughing at night due to a collapsed trachea, and my husband and I couldn't sleep. Cindy treated our dog in the home. He immediately was very comfortable while being treated, and with her. After one treatment, he stopped coughing at night for a few days. After the second treatment, one week, is improving. He has more energy and for the first time in a few months, he was playing with his toys. I would highly recommend bioresonance therapy for pets ." - Linda Schellenburg

"I met Cindy over a year ago at a health show. She was doing sessions with clients so I decided to try the bioresonance testing. I had noticed an increase in the digestive issues over the last few weeks. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I had tried all the tricks up my sleeve, but still had the digestive issues. With Cindy's testing, she discovered I was dealing with helicobacter pylori (H.Pylori). She was able to send the correct frequency to clear it and my digestive issues cleared. I recommend her testing and treatment." - Tricia H.

"Cindy has helped me with bioresonance and reiki treatments. From the first treatment on, I knew it was an excellent expereince. I recommend Cindy to help you on your healing path." - Patricia

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